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Who Are We?

PERSPIRATION: JSA, LLC started when an artist could not find an accountant to help him turn his passion into a business. He hired his daughter. She learned everything about accounting so dad’s dream could provide for the family. Earned a scholarship to Duquesne University for accounting and started a firm to help passionate dreamers everywhere.

INSPIRATION: Jonnet Solomon was first inspired to start JSA, LLC to help women owned businesses but soon transitioned to serving all entrepreneurs. JSA,LLC is more than an accounting firm. We build relationships, provide resources that add to the bottom line and develop efficient processes for success. We believe that we need to go beyond the numbers to in order to attain success.

WHAT WE DO: Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Consulting

OUR CLIENTS: Startups, amazing people from all industries and YOU.

    Jonnet Solomon

    Owner, JSA, LLC

    700 River Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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